Klavier Music Productions, formerly known as Klavier Records International, is the newest division of Edwin F. Kalmus & Co. This mutual venture will ensure the continuation of the company's long-standing commitment to state-of-the-art recordings for the most discriminating listeners.

Klavier Music Productions will continue to insist on the most faithful reproduction of sound possible and offer the listener the same realism and sense of presence as a live performance. These are the qualities on which Klavier was founded, and for which its recordings are valued.

Klavier is proud of its reputation as a quality-concious source of recorded music. The company was founded over thirty years ago by Harold Powell, a career sound engineer for NBC, bceause he believed many of the recorded classics on the market at that time were not the quality products they could and should be. Powell therefore chose to dedicate himself to improving the sound quality of recorded music. Klavier Records was the result. Because of his insistence on perfection, his recordings are frequently employed by manufacturers and dealers of audio equipment to demonstrate the qualities of their products.

This commitment to state-of-the-art recordings using cutting-edge technology and quality control is Klavier's trademark and its proud guarantee to its listeners.


a division of Edwin F. Kalmus, LC.
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